Dear Janis,
Wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation last night at the Sheraton.  I find your applications extremely interesting, your sense of humor and stage presence quite entertaining and captivating, and your product easily adaptable for the end user.  I really enjoyed meeting the lady who sat next to me, too, and made a friend in the process! 
Again, the "Windows in a Minute Seminar" in Charlotte was fantastic.  I've been thinking about how to use what I learned all day today!  Thank you for sharing what you have worked hard to develop.  Not everyone does that!
With warm regards,

Carolyn wrote:

"Janis, just wanted to let you know that your seminar was a big hit and a lot of  fun...Nancy and I learned so much and appreciate you taking the time to do and show the ideas that you did....I am so glad that I came and can't wait to put  those ideas to work in my own home
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Dear Janis,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar last night. It was well worth the time & money to attend..…worth every dime. You are a delightful speaker, have so much energy & enthusiasm & boy, when the creative juices start flowing there’s no stopping you. I loved all your window treatment designs & came away energized & confident that I’ll be able to transform my windows beautifully & economically. I’ve paid for custom window treatments before and they are expensive. Being a frugal person, I’ve hung on to the custom cornices & drapes for decades although I had tired of them & felt they were “dated.” With the ideas you have & the savings I’ll have, like you, I’ll be able to change things out more frequently. I was really impressed with some of the unique ideas you shared for using existing drapes to “repurpose” them in a different setting & some of the “problems” you were able to overcome with a bit of creative thinking; i.e., the cup hooks on a board under a topper for pinch pleated panels.
Thank you again for sharing your talents and ideas with us last night. I’ve told numerous friends about the seminar. I will be sure to “follow” you on your website to watch for future seminars in the Charlotte area.
Warmest regards,

Laura C

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Dear Janis:

I attended your seminar in Columbia on October 5th...Thank you so much!  I learned a wealth of information and am looking forward to viewing your DVD.

I am a miitary wife, and for the past 28 years...we have moved 12 times...and if I had known all your techniques through the years...well...the window treatments at each new duty station would have been a lot easier!
We will retire in two years and I am going to take all of your ideas and use them all over my retirement dream home!

Thank you so much for a very informative evening.


From Linda K, Greenville

WOW!!!!!!!  My friends and I were very impressed with your class last night!  You did such an awesome job of teaching and making it fun.  I am a schoolteacher and know this is not always an easy thing to do!  Thanks also for making the dvd.  I've already watched about ten minutes of it this morning.  The old mind is not quite what it used to be so the dvd will be very helpful this summer when I've forgotten everything you showed us!!!!  Anyway, thanks again!  YOU WERE JUST FANTASTIC!